Weld Cleaning Polishing Passivation Marking

Weld Cleaning Polishing Passivation Marking Stainless Finishing Solutions

Electrolytic stainless steel weld cleaning

Electrolytic Weld Cleaning is the answer to all these challenges. Our technology cleans & passivates the surface in one easy to use system. No dangerous chemicals or time-consuming processes! Using mild fluids that are NSF approved the WeldBrush electrolytic weld cleaner cleans and passivates with no costly second process. Cleaning and passivation is simultaneously achieved.

Electro polishing

Our technology also offers Electrolytic Polishing which produces a polished finish to the Stainless-steel surface. Once the weld has been cleaned, the seam can be polished to a mirror finish blending it seamlessly to the adjacent grade of stainless.


The NSF Approved E338 Electrolyte fluid used in the process increases the electrical conductivity and provides cooling. Evaporation generates a protective gas atmosphere that protects against new corrosion. The split-off oxygen forms chromium dioxide during the cleaning process which restores the protective passive layer instantly.   



The WeldBrush machines can also be used for Marking and Etching, which applies a permanent oxide mark to the metal surface using a long-life template or temporary stencil. As an example, these can be used when identifying parts using a barcode, batch number, part number or sequential serial numbers 

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