How to use electrochemical marking to easily add a logo to stainless steel

Electrochemical marking of stainless steel is a quick and effective way to add your logo, design or part number. The text or image is permanently transferred to the stainless by means of a signing stencil and the action of electrolytes and current from an electrolytic weld cleaning machine. This creates a dark imprint on the surface, without changing any layers of the stainless steel.

welder logo marking on stainless steel

Can I have a custom design on my stainless steel?

Yes, a bespoke stencil is created with your design. This can be used for up to 2,000 transfers. Alternatively, you can print your own single-use stencils in-house with a stencil printer. A custom design means you can easily promote your brand or create traceability of parts with serial numbers, QR codes or other relevant information.

How much does electrochemical marking for stainless steel cost?

A complete marking kit can be used with any of our electrolytic weld cleaning machines. Apart from this you will need a bespoke vinyl stencil, which is reusable. That’s it! This makes electrochemical marking a very cost effective and quick way of adding your logo to stainless steel, compared to other processes such laser marking.

SFS complete marking kit
stainless steel fabrication

How long does a logo last on stainless steel?

The logo is permanent, meaning it can withstand the elements when placed outside. Other advantages include being heatproof and acid resistant. This makes it suitable for many environments, including the workshop where subsequent processes to the stainless steel may occur.

Can I mark other materials apart from stainless steel?

Yes, you can mark many other materials such as brass, bronze, copper, mild steel, aluminium and titanium. This can be done with the same process and materials as stainless steel, so it won’t cost anything extra. As a result you can achieve a uniform design across all of your fabricated parts.

How to use electrochemical marking to easily add a logo to stainless steel Stainless Finishing Solutions

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