SFS Welcomes two new distributors in Ireland

SFS have had great success in Ireland following recent shows and built up a pool of customers, so naturally to compliment this and ensure all our customers receive the same first class service offered in the UK we have appointed two fantastic companies to support this.

AR Brownlow based in Cork will cover the Southern counties and Gasweld based in Dublin will cover the East coast. Both distributors come with a wealth of knowledge within the welding industry and have been supplying a full range of welding consumables to their loyal customers for many years.

SFS discovered both companies follow recommendations from our existing customers and over the past few months we have all built up a strong relationship. If you would like to book a demonstration for one of their team to come in and demonstrate what our weld cleaning products can do then please contact them directly.

Stainless Finishing Solutions Ltd

This post was written and brought you by Stainless Finishing Solutions Ltd.

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