Solutions to rust on your stainless steel fabrications

Solutions to rust on your stainless steel fabrications Stainless Finishing Solutions
stainless steel pipe after electrolytic weld cleaning

Solving rust problems on stainless steel

Electrolytic weld clearing offers a scientifically proven, alternative to traditional pickling paste for cleaning and removing unsightly discoloration and spatter from welds. Traditional pickling paste is known to contain harmful chemicals that can cause damaging effects such as respiratory issues, burns, and skin irritation following exposure. It also generates toxic fumes, making it unsuitable to use in restricted spaces. Additionally, the process often induces corrosion issues if misapplied, leading to pricey repairs and deteriorated product quality.

the benefits of electrolytic weld cleaning

In contrast, electrolytic weld cleaning involves an eco-friendly mixture of electricity, water, and a mild alkaline electrolytic solution to extract impurities from the weld surface. The procedure is secure and produces no hazardous by-products or gases that could cause harm to the user or quality of the completed output. Additionally, an electrolytic weld cleaning method circumvents any possibility of damaging both the base metals and heat-affected zone, entirely eliminating any risk of corrosion or other defects.

How to provent rust on stainless steel fabrications

Electrolytic weld cleaning has increasingly gained popularity as a cost-effective alternative to traditional pickling paste methods. Unlike pickling paste, electrolytic cleaning involves an electrochemical reaction that effortlessly removes impurities from the welding surface. This method is considered safer and faster, posing fewer risks or threats to the environment and the user. In contrast, traditional pickling paste approaches involve hazardous chemicals that must be carefully disposed of after multiple applications, contributing to high overhead costs. Further, compared to electrolytic cleaning, pickling paste methods often result in longer downtimes, leading to reduced production. To sum up, electrolytic weld cleaning not only offers a more comprehensive and superior cleaning process with a reduced risk of harm but equally supports a safer working environment and cost-effectiveness.

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