NitroClean NC50 Weld Cleaning Fluid


Nitroclean NC50 weld cleaning fluid

Premium electrolytic weld cleaning fluid by NitroClean, made in the UK. Use for passivating and polishing stainless steel, as a safe alternative to pickling paste. For use with electrolytic weld cleaning machines.

– Concentration of 50% phosphoric acid

– Suitable for light to medium dark welds and polished stainless steel

– Suitable for Cleaning Mig and Tig welds

– Does not contain toxic acids

– Made in the UK

For best results use with NitroClean NC500 Neutraliser (

NitroClean has established itself as the go-to brand in the United Kingdom for top-quality electrolytic weld cleaning fluids. When you choose NitroClean, you can rest assured that you are getting a reliable and renowned product that is trusted by experts across various industries. Whether you’re involved in Nuclear, Food, Waste water, or engineering industry , NitroClean’ s superior products are formulated to provide exceptional performance in removing all types of welding residues while leaving a clean and Passivated surface finish.

NitroClean’ s team of experts is dedicated to continuously researching and developing innovative products to stay ahead of the curve. The brand is committed to offering high-quality products at a great price point, which sets it apart from the rest.

Thanks to its extensive range of products and excellent customer service, NitroClean has built a solid reputation in the industry as a trustworthy and reliable brand that caters to all your welding cleaning needs. If you’re looking for a brand with a track record of excellence, look no further than NitroClean.

Using Phosphoric acid with an electrolytic weld cleaning machine is the best way to re-passivate stainless steel welds and surfaces after welding. When stainless steel is welded, it can lose its natural passive layer which protects it from corrosion and rust. This also causes the weld to become discoloured and may cause other defects.

Phosphoric acid is used to remove the surface oxides that form on the weld. It does this by dissolving the oxides without affecting the underlying steel. The acid also helps to create a new passive layer on the surface of the weld which protects it from further corrosion.

Electrolytic weld cleaning machines use an electric field to remove surface contamination and heat tint. The machines work by running an electric current through a cleaning solution which creates an electrochemical reaction on the surface of the steel. This removes any unwanted material and creates a new passive layer on the surface.

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