NitroClean NC500 Neutraliser


NitroClean NC500 Neutraliser

Product code: NC500

– High-quality neutraliser
– Used directly after weld cleaning
– Cleans, de- greases and prevents stains
– Made in the UK
– Does not contain acid

NitroClean Neutraliser Trigger Spray Bottle


NC500 is our new neutraliser fluid designed for ready-to-use on all stainless-steel surfaces. Also, NC500 will remove acid residue from steel surfaces and prevent the white marks after weld cleaning but neutralising the weld cleaning fluids.

The fluid is water-based and does not contain solvents or phosphorus.


Use and application (during the weld cleaning process):

  1. Wipe away any excess weld cleaning acid fluid residue from your stainless-steel surfaces
  2. Apply NC500 fluid on the area where the acid was present
  3. Wipe away NC500 with a new clean cloth or paper towel.


Important information:


Call for more information on 01603 263 128