WeldBrush 700 Hire


WeldBrush 700 Hire


The WeldBrush 700 is the fastest and most advanced unit within the WeldBrush range. This machine is capable of removing discoloration on welds and passivating stainless steel in just one step. With its high-power output, this device can handle the heaviest work with ease. All TIG and MIG weld seams and heat traces are free of all discoloration within a few seconds without leaving any traces. With a 100% duty cycle with which you can work continuously at the highest setting without the unit thermally overheating or switching off. Intelligent design settings makes this device very handy and the weight is only 8.5 kg which makes working on location very easy. The power is adjustable in 3 settings, Electrolytic polishing, marking/etching and electroplating.

– 71A
– 8.5KG
– IP65
– 240V

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Product code Set price includes Quantity
MP01579 1.5m power cable 1
MP07856 3.5m injection molded red wand cable 1
MP07857 3.5m injection molded black earth cable 1
MP07887 solid brass earth clamp 1
MP07885 heat resistant solid brass DX handle 1
MP07855 heat resistant solid brass DX wand 1
MP07889 teflon sliding shroud 1
MP07724 liquid container 500ml 1
MP06916 grey spray dispenser

Please note consumables are NOT included in the hire price and are to be purchased separately