TYGRIS Satin Black Paint (Box of 12)


TYGRIS Satin Black Paint

Sold in boxes of 12

  • SFS P301
  • High Quality Acrylic Based Paint
  • Compatible With Most Substrates
  • Wear And Scratch Resistant
  • TYGRIS Satin Black Paint


This acrylic-based spray paint is a must-have addition to your surfaces for a professional finish that’s suitable for a wide range of materials and looks incredible! This satin finish black paint easily adheres to most surfaces, and can even be sprayed directly onto older paint while still maintaining a great appearance.

Its high opacity means all it takes is a light sanding for your paint to stick in no time at all. If you have surfaces that are in need of a bit of care, this black paint is an essential part of your painting process, and pairs perfectly with Tygris priming range of Spray paints