Tig Max XT7110 110v

TIG MAX XT 7110 110v

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The powerful TIG-MAX XT7110 weld seam and surface cleaning system weighs in at just 17kg with an impressive 4000w output placing the XT7110 unit as the highest performance machine on the market. Fully bespoke, variable power adjustment controls allows for universal weld cleaning, polishing, passivation and marking. In addition the XT7110 can facilitate large surface area cleaning and passivation in conjunction with the surface cleaner attachment perfect for large scale fabrication projects including vessels, tanks, frames or pipework. The surface cleaning attachment ensures cleaning and passivation for not only your weld seams a flawless finish can now be achieved on all stainless surfaces. With the Tig Max 7110 being 110v its the perfect option to take on site.

– 4000w
– 17KG
– 1P23
– 110V

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Product code Set price includes Quantity
TM2014322 16mm x 3m wand cable 1
TM2014323 16mm x 6m wand cable 1
TM2014324 16mm x 3m earth cable and clamp 1
TM2014326 16mm x 6m earth cable and clamp 1
TM2014334 Heat resistant handle 1
TM2014335 Heat resistant wand 1
TM4703121 Teflon sliding shroud single 1
TM470411 Teflon sliding shroud double 1
TM47061 Double brush adaptor 1
TM44101 Carbon fibre brush 5
NC75 NSF NC-75 weld cleaning fluid 0.5ltr 1
NC500 NSF NC-500 neutraliser fluid 0.5ltr 1
MP07724 Liquid container 500ml 1
TM4699 Pressure pump spray dispenser 1
MP06828 HD stackable tool case 1
TMXLHDTC XL HD Transport case 1
TM5100 Equipment trolley 1
TM2014350 Complete surface cleaning set 1
SFSPPEKIT Ultimate weld cleaning PPE kit 1
2 year back-to-base warranty 1