The latest generation of weld seam cleaning devices!

TIG-MAX® XT 2500 – A small, simple and powerful weld cleaning machine with durable attachments.

It is a powerful, mobile and robust cleaning device for TIG and MIG welds.

The weld seam cleaning device clean & passivates in just ONE operation!

The TIG-MAX® XT 2500 works with a carbon fiber brush with a sliding sleeve system. This is used to insulate and bundle the carbon fibers, since the electrical energy is only effective in the tip of the brush. For an optimal result with thicker weld seams, a double brush can also be used instead of the single brush.

Due to the simple operation and the low weight, the TIG-MAX® XT 2500 weld seam cleaning device is ideal for the following areas of application: construction sites, assembly in pipeline construction, in the workshop and in many other areas.

Also the Tig Max XT2500 is able to mark Stainless steel. With the help of the marking set, you can make individual markings or engravings/signings. This enables you to present your logo on any stainless steel surface. Just ask for your individual template! Please contact us direct if you wish to add the marking kit to your order!

You will also receive the following accessories included in the set for the device:

Product codeSet price includesQuantity
MP07856D10mm x 3.5m wand cable1
MP07857D10mm x 3.5m earth cable and clamp1
TM2014334Heat resistant handle1
TM2014335BRHeat resistant wand1
TM4703121Teflon sliding shroud single1
NCBT1NitroClean Carbon fibre brush1
NC101NitroClean Liquid container 500ml1
NC-SBWNitroClean Spray dispenser1
NC75NitroClean Cleaning & Polishing  500ML1
NC500NitroClean neutraliser 500ML1