PROTEAN Instant Degreasing Cleaner (Box of 12)



PROTEAN Instant Degreaser is an NSF: D1 registered ready-to-use general cleaner suitable for use in around food processing area, though not intended for direct food contact. Both odourless and non-tainting, PROTEAN Instant Degreaser is tested to BS EN 1276 and kills bacteria fast and effectively

Sold in boxes of 12


  • Odourless formulation;
  • Anti bacterial; Requires no rinsing;
  • Colourless and non-tainting;
  • Ready to use;
  • Cleans and disinfects;
  • Biocide ensures surfaces are safe;
  • For use on all food processing surfaces, storage areas, displays and equipment where sanitary conditions are essential;


Consult the safety data sheet prior to use – suitable Personal Protection Equipment should be worn. Spray onto surface, Leave for 30 seconds contact time for sanitizing action. Wipe clean with a paper towel and allow to air dry. Surfaces used for direct food contact should be rinsed with potable water prior to the return of any food. Dispose of used packaging in line with local and national regulations.