The SCN-100 is a PH-neutral pickling liquid and therefore leaves no white spots when drying. Only suitable for pickling very light weld discolorations and heat traces

SCN-100 PH-neutral cleaning fluid is a high-quality cleaning agent that is often known as pickling fluid for the welding seam cleaner. The cleaning fluid is mainly used when the residues of the liquid are difficult to remove during cleaning with a pickling device, for example in the event of a slight discoloration of welding or heat traces.

In addition, this PH-neutral liquid is popular because it does not contain any dangerous ingredients. As a result, no stains are left on the material, and afterwards you can rinse it with water.

Good to know
✔ This cleaning fluid is suitable for cleaning very light weld discoloration and heat traces

Tips for use Pour the liquid into the liquid container
✔ Dip the carbon fibre brush of the welding seam cleaner in this liquid
✔ Keep the carbon fibre brush well wet during use
✔ Then wipe the residues with a damp cloth
✔ Afterwards, spray the NC-500 neutralizer on the surface or rinse with water
✔ Dry the surface completely with paper towels or cloths

This product is available in both 1L and 5L bottles

Application: Pickling and passivation of light TIG and MIG welding seam cleaners

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