Heat Resistant DX Wand


Heat Resistant DX Wand


– Wand for connecting carbon fibre
– brush and Handle
– Solid brass
– Heat resistant

Use With:
Heat Resistant DX Handle MP07885
Red Wand Cable 3.5m MP07856

The connection piece for the WeldBrush weld seam cleaner is the connection between the carbon fibre brush and the handle with cable.

This connection piece is the part in which the carbon fibre brush is mounted. The protective cover is also slid over this, which holds the fibres of the brush together. The connection piece is also attached in the handle with cable. When changing each brush, we advise you to put a small amount of copper grease in the thread to protect it from oxidation. This also prevents the brush from getting stuck in the sluice-gate and protects it from the cleaning liquid.

Useful to know
Connection piece for connecting the brush to the handle
Here the protective cover is slid
over It if necessary for use with an adapter for 2 brushes or adapter for 4 brushes

Tips for use
First slide the protective cover on the connection piece
 Grease a little bit of copper grease in the bark thread to prevent
oxidation Mount the carbon fibre brush in the thread
Slide the protective cover over the brush until only 10mm of the brush is
visible Immerse the whole thing in the detergent for the first time until the brushes are completely saturated with the liquid
 With an even movement, slowly go over the weld seam

Brand: WeldBrush Products
Colour: Black and gold
Material: Brass alloy and plastic
Contents packaging: 1 piece
Application: Connecting the brush to the handle
product code: MP07855