Carbon Fibre XL Tapered Thread Brush NCBT2 PK10


Carbon Fibre XL Tapered Thread Brush


TM2014207 Replaced by NCBT2

This carbon fibre brush is used for pickling and passivation stainless steel welds with a weld seam cleaner. This premium type of brush has 30% more fibre than the standard type and therefore lasts longer. This makes it a lot thicker so that a larger surface can be pickled in one go. This is suitable for high temperatures and made of the highest quality carbon fibre. This quality also ensures that the carbon fibre brush has a very long service life. The brush is very flexible so that all difficult places are easy to reach.

The brush can be used on the WeldBrush WB300 , WeldBrush WB500 , Weldbrush WB700 or Tig Max XT7000weld cleaner. During use, the brush interacts with the material through electric current and added pickling fluid to remove weld discoloration, heat traces and other non-physical imperfections of stainless steel and non-ferrous materials.

The copper sleeve gives an optimal conductivity but can oxidize a bit due to the pickling liquid, so we recommend choosing the carbon fibre brush with the stainless-steel sleeve with minimal use.

Carbon Fibre Brush Standard SS

Useful to know
30% more fibres than the standard type brush and therefore a longer life and larger cleaning surface
Made of the highest quality carbon fibre
Suitable for high temperatures
Long service life
Flexible to reach
All difficult places to use in combination withTeflon Sliding Shroud Premium 

Tips for use
Screw the brush on the connector
Slide the protective cover over the brush until the brush protrudes about 10 millimeters
Dip the carbon fibre brush into the cleaning fluid until it is
 completely saturated Make a slow movement over the weld discoloration until it is
completely removed Rinse the brush with water after use for optimal service life

Article:Carbon fiber brush – premium – MM6T
Brand: NitroClean
Color: Black
Material: Carbon fibre
Dimensions: 120 x 18 mm
Application: Cleaning the inside of the tube with the WeldBrush weld cleaner
Part number: NCBT2