WELDBrush WB500 premium set




The  WELDBrush 500 is our most popular weld seam cleaner, due to its impressively quick operation. This machine is able to quickly remove the discoloration on weld seams and passivate the stainless steel in one step. The WB500 system can handle the toughest work with ease. TIG and MIG weld seams and heat traces are free of all discoloration within seconds. The 100% duty cycle allows you to work continuously at the highest setting without the device overheating or thermally switching off.

The innovative design makes the system fully portable and at the weight of 8kg makes working on location very easy. The responsive control operations can be adjusted in 3 power settings and can facilitate cleaning, marking and electro-polishing,

The functions of the WELDBrush 500: 

  • Cleaning & Passivation  is an interaction between an electric current and a conductive liquid to remove welding discoloration, heat traces, surface contamination and other non-physical irregularities of stainless steel and other non-ferrous materials.
  • Marking  applies a permanent design to a metal surface using a template
  • Electrolytic polishing  produces a shiny metal surface. Previously cleaned weld seams can be polished to the desired level of gloss



The Premium set includes;

1 x WELDBrush 500 weld cleaner 230V or 110V
1 x Power cable 230V or 110V
1 x Red Cable  – 3.5m
1 x Black Cable  – 3.5m
1 x Solid brass earth clamp
1 x Modular cable assembly Handle+Wand
1 x Teflon sliding shroud
3 x Long life Carbon fiber brushes
1 x Stackable Storage box
1 x NSF approved SCL-255 Cleaning fluid – 1L
1 x NSF approved SCL-500 Neutralizer – 1L
1 x 500ml solution container
1 x Heavy duty spray bottle
2 Year warranty