Introducing the TIG-MAX XT9000 Weld seam and surface cleaning system. Made in Germany the TIG-MAX XT9000 unit runs at 100% duty cycle up to 4000w power output placing the unit as the most powerful system on the market. Weighing in at just 17kg this lightweight machine is fully portable-perfect for round the workshop or on site applications. The responsive, adjustable, variable power setting allows the user to find the most effective AC/DC power output for every specific weld cleaning or polishing application regardless of st/st grade, material thickness or weld type. The optimal output adjustment facilitates electrolytic surface cleaning of large areas. Surface rust and imperfections can be removed leaving a flawless fully passivated finish. Surface cleaning is the perfect procedure for cleaning and passivating large vessels, tanks, pipework and more. The XT9000 unit will also dark and light mark many types of materials, perfect for company logos, serial numbers and data plates.

The Functions of the TIG-MAX XT9000:

  • MIG, TIG, Electrode Weld Cleaning & Passivation
  • Dark and Light Marking on many materials
  • Electrolytic polishing
  • Surface Cleaning & Passivation



The TIG-MAX Premium set includes:

1 x TIG-MAX XT9000 weld cleaner

1 x 6m Wand Cable (bespoke options available) 

1 x 6m Earth cable and clamp (bespoke options available) 

1 x Modular cable assembly Handle+Wand Teflon shroud

1 x Dual Adapter and Teflon Shroud

5 x Long life Carbon fibre brushes

1 x NSF approved cleaning solution

1 x NSF approved neutralizer

1 x 500ml solution container

1 x Pressure spray bottle

Complete surface cleaning set:

1 x Telescopic cleaning handle+
 Solution Cleaning bucket

3 x cleaning pads

1 x Heavy duty flight case

1 x PPE Pack

1 x Equipment trolley