What a success the last year has been with our all new, all powerful TIG-MAX XT9000 weld seam and surface cleaning system. Weighing in at just 17kg with 4000w output places the TIG-MAX unit as the highest performance machine on the market.

Over the last 12 months SFS ltd have provided extensive in-house trials with some of the UK’s largest and well respected vessel, tank and pipework fabrication specialists. This direct feedback from the UK’s engineering, manufacturing and fabrication experts supported by European wide reliability and performance testing guarantee our technology is the best solution for all applications.

User friendly, responsive, application specific

  • Fully bespoke, infinitely variable power adjustment
  • Universal Weld cleaning, polishing, passivation and marking
  • Large surface area cleaning and passivation
  • Most cost effective consumables on the market
  • Two year Warranty

In house customer demonstrations now available, please click the request a demo link to arrange your consultation or email the team