Stainless Finishing Solutions Ltd, exclusive UK Distributors for O Reuter GmbH

Designed and manufactured in Düsseldorf, Germany, by O Reuter GmbH these are the most powerful weld cleaning machines on the market. This extensive range of machines ensure that electrolytic cleaning is the obvious choice no matter what you fabricate and manufacture. The Reuter range spans from powerful specialist MIG weld cleaning units to the lightweight, portable MIG/TIG cleaning systems. SFS can also now exclusively offer the world’s first cordless weld cleaner – the latest in Reuter’s patented market leading innovation. Alongside the machines, Reuter also offer the largest range of interchangeable accessories and consumables covering most cleaning applications.

Reuter have over 10 specialist units which fall into one of the below 3 categories.


The SuperCleanox Series. VIHD, VI and IV+

The SuperCleanox series were developed for tough industrial applications.  These machines have a proven track record among major companies throughout Europe during multiple-shift operations. Capability and reliability were the top priorities during the development phase. The range was designed for a 100% duty cycle, they reach peak currents of up to 400 Amps during cleaning and polishing – achieving the highest performance level in the market. The SuperCleanox series is based on AC/DC devices that can provide alternating or direct current to clean, polish, light or dark mark.

The Cleanox Series. 4.2, 4.0 and 2.0

The three models of the Cleanox series differ in their functional scope to provide for individual needs. All of them are among the most powerful devices in the market. The Cleanox series is based on AC/DC devices that can provide alternating or direct current to clean, polish or provide bright or dark markings.

The Signox Series. AkkuSignox I (Bluetooth or USB), Signox II

Marking was initially an additional benefit of electrolytic weld cleaning. However it has generated huge demand and so the Signox series was born.  This series is especially focused on hardwearing and durable marking on all electrically conductive objects. The patented AkkuSignox is a network-independent, mobile device; it creates oxidation patterns on the metal surface that result in dark markings (dark brown to deep black). The Signox II is an AC/DC device and can provide additional light marking which looks similar to laser engraving, i.e. light marking that is slightly recessed in the work piece surface. Metals without ferrite or plastic can also be marked, e.g. aluminium, brass or copper. Both methods are heat and acid resistant.

The AkkuCleanox. Fully portable Cordless Unit.

This compact yet extremely powerful 100A continuous output unit has been specifically designed to be a light weight portable unit only weighing 7kg, this is due to the hybrid carbon fibre/aluminium housing, Also unlike its competitors our unit is fully functionality due to the AC & DC technology so it will clean, polish, etch, most importantly due to the power will still passivate your material. Coupled with our specially designed charge booster you can fully recharge your unit in less than 30 minutes.