Finishing Products

SFS have a wide range of additional finishing tool and accessories to compliment our weld cleaning technology. At SFS we pride ourselves on having sourced the best products in the world to offer our customers, and we have continued this ethos through our additional product range and teamed up with Cibo, ensuring we are the one stop company to offer world class products and service.
Inoxi: Surface Cleaning Products
The ever popular Inoxi Clean range now has a powerful new addition the Inoxi Clean Restore. This is an amazing solution that tackles even the toughest contaminates. All you need to do is Spray Inoxi Clean Restore onto the area to be cleaned, ensure Restore is in good contact with any rust, leave for at least 5-10 minutes then rub off with the Inoxi Cloth.
Satin Finish flat stainless steel and mitre corner finishing kit.
Kit 1 – Remove the TIG weld without undercutting or gouging the flat steel surface; Regrain the stainless steel with a beautiful satin finish; Restore the mitre corner to a pin sharp edge
TIG weld removal of internal corners and satin finishing kit.
Kit 2 – Remove the TIG weld in the corner of the radius; Blend the radius such that the weld edge is invisible; Create a soft satin finish on the stainless steel tube
TIG weld removal and satin finish for round tubes.
Kit 3 – Remove the TIG weld on the outer radius of the tube; Blend the weld to a clean sharp finish; Create a soft satin finish on the stainless steel tube
Mirror polishing of flat stainless and mitre corner finishing.
Kit 4 – Refine the grind lines to a high finish; Restore the final finish to a bright mirror polish
TIG weld removal of internal corners and mirror polishing.
Kit 5 – Remove the TIG weld in the corner of the radius; Blend the radius such that the weld is invisible; Polish the weld to a bright , high quality mirror finish
TIG weld removal and mirror polishing of round tubes, handrails and balustrades.
Kit 6 – Remove the TIG weld on the outer radius of the tube; Blend the weld to a clean sharp finish and perfectly round; Restore a bright mirror polish on the stainless steel tube
Finiteasy kit 230v Machine.
Everything you need all in one handy kit
Can be used with…
– SA unitised discs to remove TIG welds in corners and to satin finish or mirror polish in two or three steps
– Cutting and grinding discs where you need access in difficult to reach areas
– Felt and cotton mops for mirror polishing
– Cibo Time Saving Kits set 2,3,5 or 6 for a complete process
Finiteasy 110v or 230v Machine only.



The Cibo FinitEasy fillet weld grinder was the first and is still the best tool you will find for grinding, dressing, finishing and polishing TIG and now even MIG fillet welds.

With the Cibo SA+ and Rebel One Unitised disc range you can do anything from grinding out fillet welds to mirror polishing in a fraction of the time.


SMMS6 Finipower 110v/230v Variable speed Grinder.


Finipower SMMS6:  A 1200 watt motor supplies all the torque you need even at it’s slowest speed and with a maximum speed of 6,500rpm it is ideal for the stainless steel or non-ferrous grinding and finishing applications


In Line Sander.


In Line – Linear sander – 230 V variable speed – 400 watt motor Kit includes: TF50GR/60/V000 (5pcs), TF50GR/80 (5 pcs), TexGR/AC (5pcs), TexGR/AF (5pcs)



Finitube 110v/230v


Any machine can do a straight line, but with the Cibo Finitube, corners and curves are just as easy.  The unique design of the Finitube means that not only can it wrap 270 degrees around a 50mm tube but when working around a curve the tube becomes an extra drive roller, pulling the belts into the curve and keeping them on the machine. Guaranteeing a smooth, consistent finish every time.



Cibo Finishing Disks and Belts

We have the full Cibo range of finishing disks and belts ready for next day delivery, whether its surface conditioning, brushed satin or a mirror polish you require we have the disk and belt to suit every application and finish. We have a full range of unitised, paper and cloth backed grip to suit every machine. Please speak to someone in our technical team today to discuss your application and we can advise what products will achieve the perfect finish for you.  01603 263128.




Finishing Mops

We stock a wide range of traditional polishing mops for use on the tapered thread adaptations of spindle polishers, bench grinders and also drills.

Sisal Mops tend to be used for cutting applications and initial polishing with cutting or cut & colour polishing soaps and compounds.


Stitched Cotton Mops provide a good general purpose polished finish when used with our PV/101 (cut & colour compound) or PV/102 (finishing compound)


Loose Cotton Mops are used to refine and improve the finish achieved.


Swansdown Mops are often used when polishing to a particularly exacting standards due to their particularly soft action.


For polishing mops to fit on an M14 thread or keyway shaft, check the ‘Abrasives / Flap Wheels, Brushes’ section for the relevant fixing system.




For a full quotation on any of our products or for any technical support and advise please call one our technical team on 01603 263128 alternatively you can email your request to