Stainless Finishing Solutions Ltd

Stainless Finishing Solutions Ltd provide electrolytic cleaning solutions to businesses throughout the UK and Ireland.  Electrolytic cleaning is a process specially developed to remove the oxidisation caused in the welding process. From our head office situated in Norwich, we work with some of the largest companies based in the UK, Ireland and Europe.  We serve many different industry sectors including  Catering, General Fabrication, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical, Food and Drink to name but a few.

Dedicated Specialist Service

With such a varied client base, our customers have many different requirements and applications. Our highly experienced team can advise the best solution for your company on an individual basis. We are the only dedicated specialists within our field and have the experience and best products on the market to suit all of your requirements.

Innovative, Effective Solutions

Our units will not only clean your welds, but will polish, passivate and impart your company logo or text into your material. Due to the raw power of our units and our technology, all of our weld-cleaners will fully passivate your material.  This prevents any corrosion or oxidisation further down the line.


Watch the process. Weld Cleaning, Polishing and Marking

Watch the process. Weld Cleaning, Polishing and Marking